Breaking: All holidays of educational institutions are canceled!

Various educational institutions in the country, including government primary schools, closed for three months due to the deadly carnage. It is not clear when these educational institutions will open. However, classes broadcast online and on television to cover the loss. But many are not able to say that it is successful. Meanwhile, the results of SSC and equivalent examinations have been published too late. As a result, the admission

খবরটা বাংলায় পড়তে নিচে যান

process of class XI delayed. On the other hand, the first, second periodical and half-yearly examinations t held in the school-college. Even JSC, JDC, primary and ibtedayi exams including HSC and equivalent exams in uncertainty. In such a situation, the concerned people of the Ministry of Education have said more than once that

they have to work on several alternative ways. However, the education officials also said that these alternative plans  implemented as the current situation is not likely to improve. However, the education minister hinted at a big change in the education calendar to handle the situation. Dipu Moni. According to him, the number of HSC and equivalent examinations may be reduced. The current academic year will run until March instead of December. The next academic year will be in 9 months. There are also plans to cancel all leave except for essentials. On Saturday, the Education Reporters Association of Bangladesh (ERAB) organized a virtual seminar titled ‘Challenges of Education in Korona and What to Do to Overcome It’. Dipu Moni shared this information. Regarding the reduction in

the number of HSC and equivalent examinations, the education minister said the examinations 15 days after the situation became favorable. He said students had to give notice 15 days in advance. You have to give time to prepare. There is no reason to reduce the syllabus of HSC this time, because they have completed their syllabus. Now whatever tested. Will we put millions of families, members of the law enforcement agencies, people in the administration, teachers all at risk? I’m wondering if we can do it in less time, whether we can take less test. Regarding the academic year, Dipu Moni said, “I can’t put anyone at risk by opening an educational institution.” You can’t be promoted to the next class without teaching anything. Therefore, the current academic year

extended till next March to make up for the loss. There are also plans to reduce holidays and increase class hours. Holidays  reduced in the next academic year. However, the Education Minister did not say anything clear about JSC-JDC, primary-ibtedayi final examination. He said the syllabus is not just created for exams, it is taught what needs to be learned to get to the next class. Tests are done at the end of the year for evaluation. If there is a gap, they will suffer later. Experts are working for this. Dipu Moni requested to be humane in collecting tuition fees in Karona Mahamari. He requested the school-college authorities to give salary concession to the students as much as possible. The minister said, if the fee is not received, how will the teachers be paid? Teachers are mostly dependent

on salaries. Tuition is also closed. Educational institutions that can afford it are Nick in fee installments or with a few days off. The minister also mentioned that he will try to give as much concession as possible. “You also have to make concessions,” he told parents. The child is studying, now the closure of the institution means the salary cannot be stopped. At present, the Ministry of Education is working on various issues including short or free internet and devices for the students.

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