That decision is coming about the holiday of the educational institution

All the educational institutions in the country have been closed for about four months due to Korona. Although no definite decision has been taken so far, it has been learned that the leave of the educational institution is increasing again after the end of the holiday till August 8. According to the Ministry of Education and Primary and Mass Education, in the current situation, the educational activities will continue through online platforms and parliamentary television.

খবরটা বাংলায় পড়তে নিচে চলে যান

There is no possibility of opening an educational institution until the situation is normalized. Recently, rumors were spread through social media that some fake IDs would be used to open educational institutions after Eid. Teachers, students and parents are deluded by this. Many parents are also communicating with school teachers.

However, last Thursday, the Minister of Education. Dipu Moni said in a statement that through social media, a class of people are spreading false propaganda on various issues related to education. We have not yet taken any decision on opening educational institutions after Eid. But sometimes a campaign is being run under our name in the name of National Education Board. In fact, there is no education board called the National Board of Education.

Dipu Moni said, “I request the field level officials, teachers and parents to be aware of this issue.” When the time

comes, we will inform through the media, when the educational institution will be opened, when the examination will be taken. The minister warned that legal action would be taken if rumors were spread or any attempt was made to spread rumors about education.

Earlier, in a video message last month, Education Minister Dipu Moni said the current academic year could be extended to next March. At the same time, it is being considered to reduce the next academic year to nine months. However, no final decision has been taken so far.

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