25 University-wide Scholarships* for International Students

A university-level scholarship, as the name implies, is a scholarship usually available for any subject, course, or field of study offered at the university. Although there may be some exceptions (such as medicine, dentistry, law, MBA, etc.), these scholarships usually include all or most of the courses offered by the university.

* Important notes about scholarships at the university level

Not all universities offer courses in all fields of study. The university may have salaries for all of their courses, but may not provide special topics for the course that interests you.

There will be some exceptions to the course covered by the scholarship. Some scholarships exclude courses such as medicine / clinical studies, MBA studies, law studies or other subjects determined by the university.

Training courses Eligible courses may change at any time. Scholarship terms may change at any time. Scholarships may cover all courses in one stage, but some courses in other courses may be excluded at the appropriate time. Therefore, you must confirm with the university that the course you are interested in is covered by the scholarship at the time that you want to apply.

Courses covered by the scholarship may only be offered for a specific semester. Although the scholarship may cover a specific course, it may not be offered in the term you wish to study in.

Scholarships are only available for certain levels of study. Some scholarships are only available for undergraduate, graduate or doctorate degrees, while others are only available for undergraduate / masters degrees or masters / doctorate degrees.

A scholarship at the university level for a Bachelor’s degree only

Emerging American University Scholarship for Global Leader (USA)
The emerging Global Leaders Scholarship aims to achieve outstanding international students who are dedicated to positive civic and social change and ready to pursue a Bachelor’s degree from an American university. It is intended for students who will return to the country to improve their small and small communities. AU EGL scholarship covers full tuition, home and board fees.

Access to Oxford Scholarship (UK)
Many of the rich Oxford scholarships (formerly Oxford Student Scholarships) are offered to students from low-income countries who cannot obtain a degree in their home country for political or financial reasons or lack of appropriate educational facilities. Scholarships are for bachelor’s degrees in subjects other than medicine. The scholarship includes university fees, college fees, a living expenses grant, and a one-year return ticket.

University College London (UK) denies Netherlands scholarships
The purpose of the Denis Holland Scholarship is to assist undergraduates from any country who will not be able to reduce the funds required to study at University College London (UCL) without scholarship support who can express their intention to use it fully. Specific activity. Scholarships cost 9,000 annually, and scholars can choose to use all or part of the scholarship to collect fees.

Watch a course that can be funded through this scholarship: University Planning, Design and Management (BS) at University College London

Westminster University Scholarships for Students in Developing Countries (UK)
Scholarships include full tuition and residence exemptions, living expenses and excursions to and from London.

British Columbia University Award for International Leader of Tomorrow (Canada)
The University of British Columbia (UBC) offers scholarships to talented international students from all over the world through the International Leader of Tomorrow (ILOT) program. The value of the award corresponds to the financial needs displayed up to the full cost of education for the relevant study program and the cost of living.

University-level scholarships for both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees.

Scholarship from the University of Bologna for international students (Italy)
The University of Bulga offers scholarships for international students interested in enrolling in international undergraduate programs (undergraduate), second cycle (postgraduate) or one degree offered at the University of Bologna. Each scholarship is 11,059 and is awarded for one academic year.

Sheffield Hallam University Transfer Scholarship (UK) together
The transfer scholarship is open to applicants to study full-time or postgraduate courses at Chefy for both international students and European Union students (outside the UK).

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