UNE announces organisational redesign

Long-term droughts, forest fires and the triple burden of COVID-19 caused major operational problems, and UNE has now reported a shortfall of about 25 to 25 million following pre-Covid-19 forecasts for FY2012-2019.

After a thorough review of all jobs, it is clear that UNE will have to remove $ 20 million annually if it continues to make progress with long-term operational flexibility and critical development near development and innovation.

UNE plans to reduce the managed workforce to save costs and achieve targeted efficiency. In the first stage of this process, UNE volunteers will express interest from non-academic and professional organizations. The major organizational redesign will be fully implemented by January 2021.

Deputy Adviser and CEO Professor Haywood said that rebuilding will enable a new paradigm of operations to create growth opportunities as a priority, meet the needs of the evolving student market and support expansion in key areas of energy.

Professor Haywood says: “This situation is not unique to UNE and unique businesses, we must make an acceptable decision to meet this challenge.”

“UNE is at an important time in its history and ready for reform. The COVID-19 epidemic brought to the fore the costly mismanagement of revenue issue, making it imperative for communities supported by UNE to implement change as a stable and sustainable shareholder.

“This will allow UNE to take advantage of development opportunities for all of our campuses, including providing UNE Tamworth and Sydney, new junior degree courses, and continuing to contribute to regional growth and integrated research in the industry by improving the organization’s functions.

“Organizational reconstruction is critical to ensuring that UNE 2021+ can achieve the desired results in strategic planning – including the importance of student success, digital transformation, knowledge sharing, future campus and space participation.”

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